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Terra is probably the smartest and knowledgable physio I've ever been to see. I've got some pretty distressing nerve issues but which each treatment I feel better and better and definitely on a path to healing. One great advantage is that all clients are seen one-on-one in private treatment rooms; rather than multiple at once in the typical open bed clinic setting.


Brittney is an amazing physiotherapist. Had couple of sessions with her to cure my neck sprain. She did awesome messages and gave some exercises that healed my neck. Thank you so much Brittney!

Deepa G.

I am so thankful that I booked a massage with Amanda. She spent so much time talking with me, trying to pinpoint where I needed help most, explaining what next steps were, and after care as well. Amanda is professional, personable, and has an incredible work ethic, I would highly recommend her.

Margie B.

Stephanie is a wonderful Physio. I am a runner and started seeing her when I had back pain. Stephanie takes extra time to explain the “why’s”. Why is this injury happening and why we are doing certain exercises to fix it. Having this knowledge was so valuable to me. This helped me get back to running and continue to stay healthy. I highly recommend Stephanie.

Brooke R.

I highly recommend Terra at Pulse Physiotherapy.  She loves helping people and it shows.  I have had back and neck issues for almost all my adult life.  I have sought help from many different health providers (chiropractors, massage therapists, acupuncturist, and other physiotherapists) and until Terra, I had not found a long lasting solution. Superior care aside, she is fun and friendly to chat with as well as being an inspiring person in achieving her own athletic and artistic goals.

Darlene S.

I cannot thank Terra and Amanda enough for helping me regaining my mobility! I am very impressed with the quality of their service. I definitely recommend it to anyone, but above all to all of the athletes and gym lovers, as they have some awesome skills regarding sport therapy.

Mali DS

I had an amazing experience with Brittney Winnitoy! I have been seeing her for the past couple months for a hamstring injury i developed at dance, and in a very short amount of time i was back to dancing 100%! she is very thorough and makes sure you understand the injury and the reason for the specific exercises given. i would definitely recommend to anyone searching for a kind, smart physiotherapist!

Michela C.

The staff at Pulse Physio are all very caring and dedicated to helping you heal. I’ve seen Terra for physio, Amanda for massage and Joanna for acupuncture and I would recommend each of them! Bonus is Stella the clinic pup who always gives the best greeting!

Kim C.

I am so thaI have been a regular client at Pulse for the past six years and continue to return because the service is outstanding. Pulse is the first clinic where I received treatment with only one patient booked at a time, no curtains between clients, and one-on-one focused treatment. Each patient receives the time, attention, and care required to improve and get you moving again. I receive treatment from Terra and Stephanie for physiotherapy assessments, treatments, Clinical Pilates, Air Relax, and strength training. Both physiotherapists are knowledgeable, dedicated, and easy to talk to. They listen to your concerns, treat the problem and set you up so you can continue with whatever physical activities you want to pursue. 


Don’t go see Stephanie unless you want to have the best physiotherapy experience of your life. I have struggled with neck pain almost as long as I can remember and in spite of seeing many other practitioners, I decided to try again and book with Steph. She is so knowledgeable and really has the ability to see the injury/ailment through a well-informed lens. I have seen other physiotherapists and there is no comparison. She tailors her treatments to you and wades through nonsense to hone in on exactly what will help. As long as you’re willing to do the work, you will, without a doubt, experience life changing results. I am working out again and doing things I love without my nagging neck pain because of her. She is not only a wonderful physiotherapist but also a lovely human being. She’s not like other physios, she’s a cool physio.

Lacey Z.

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