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Putting You First

Can I come for Physio, Massage and Acupuncture Treatment even if I’m not injured?

Yes!  It is ideal to come when you’re not injured with the goal of treatment being to prevent injuries.  Also, our services help to maintain healthy muscle tissue and function which will decrease general stiffness and soreness. 

I’ve been to physio before and it didn’t work.  They set me up on a machine and sent me off to do exercises.  How will my experience at Pulse Physiotherapy be different?

At Pulse Physiotherapy, you will have 40 minutes of one on one time with the physiotherapist.  You are not sharing that time with other patients.  The focus is hands on therapy supplemented with education and exercises that will address the cause of your symptoms.

What should I expect at my first Physio appointment?

The assessment will begin with a discussion where you will be asked questions about your area of concern and your goals.  Next there will be an objective assessment which will include observation, moving your joints and palpating soft tissue.  Your first, “hands on” treatment is included in the first appointment and you will likely be given some exercises or things to focus on to help your progress. 

What should I bring to my Physio Sessions?

Please bring clothes that allow you move comfortably. Loose fitting stretchy clothes are ideal.  If treatment involves IMS needling, those areas of the skin will need to be exposed.

What should I expect at my first Acupuncture appointment?

Your first acupuncture appointment includes two parts: 

  1. Discussion and examination

We will discuss your concerns and symptoms.  Unique to Traditional Chinese Medicine we will explore your individual constitution. Then you will have a physical exam, which includes pulse and tongue exams. Pulse and tongue exams are important to know the state of your body and mind and the root cause of your symptoms. 
2.  Treatment 

You will receive acupuncture treatment based on the assessment. This can include electro acupuncture, acupressure, cupping and/or dermal needling depending on your state and preference.

What advice do you have for me following my Acupuncture treatment?

Take the following 1-2 days as easy as possible. Acupuncture treatment is a holistic approach that brings balance to your body and mind by stimulating the body’s natural healing process. During this process of healing, your body goes through changes and may feel tired and sore. This will fade away within 2-3 days and your body will start to feel much better. 

Can I Book Online?

YES! Please create an account and use the online booking system.  It is linked to the bottom of this page for your convenience. 

How Do I Pay for my Appointments?

Payments can be made with MC, VISA, AMEX, debit, cash, personal cheque or e-transfer.

Does Pulse Physiotherapy direct bill to my extended health plan?

Yes, we are able to direct bill to all major benefit companies including Sunlife, Manulife, Canada Life, Greenshield, Alberta Blue Cross and Equitable Life.  Some specific company plans however, do not allow for direct billing.  Please bring your direct billing information with you to the first appointment

Can Pulse Physiotherapy bill to WCB or Alberta Health Services?

No, unfortunately here at Pulse Physiotherapy we do not have a contract to bill to WCB for work related injuries or to AHS for free post-operative treatments.

Dedicated to Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation
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