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     Manual Therapist (CMT)

     Active Release Techniques (ART) Provider

Clinical Pilates     

GUNN IMS (Intramuscular Stimulation)

     Acupuncture (CAFCI)

     K-Tape Certified

     Precision Nutrition PN1


Terra successfully completed her Masters of Science in Physiotherapy at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. Previously, Terra received her Bachelor of Arts in Dance from the University of Calgary. Terra is certified in Acupuncture (CAFCI), Active Release Techniques (ART), GUNN IMS, Spinal Manipulation and K-Tape. Most recently she has furthered her education in Clinical Pilates and believes this will be a huge asset to her clients. 


Terra is thrilled to share her expertise and passion for rehabilitation with patients of all ages. She is particularly interested in movement patterns, compensatory imbalances and the prevention of injuries. Terra believes in the importance of educating patients about their injuries and detecting the primary cause of dysfunction. Encouraging patients' active participation in the rehabilitation process, Terra uses hands on manual therapy, ART, stretching and strengthening exercises, myofascial techniques and Pilates principles to restore function and relieve pain. Terra enjoys treating a variety of conditions and has a special interest in neck, shoulder, knee and back pain. 

Outside of working at Pulse Physiotherapy, Terra provides physiotherapy to professional dancers from local and international touring companies and volunteers her expertise to treat Ironman triathletes. Leading an active lifestyle herself, Terra enjoys dancing, biking, Pilates, running, hiking, playing soccer and strength training.  Terra is an IFBB Fitness Pro and she has competed in two Olympias and the 2023 Arnold Classic. 

A Message from Terra

I often get asked by my patients why I wanted to become a Physiotherapist.  My long answer....I grew up dancing and playing soccer competitively so, as a teenager, when the demands of these activities became greater,  I was no stranger to injuries.   As a patient, I experienced some really great physios and frankly, some really terrible ones.  Regardless of my various physio experiences, as I began to learn more about my own injuries, I became increasingly fascinated by the complexity of the human body and the various ways to keep it healthy and injury free. 

I love helping people reach their goals and feel better everyday. I love that I get to be creative and that I am always faced with new challenges as no two patients are alike.  At Pulse Physiotherapy, it is my goal to provide a positive and interactive physio experience.  I want to help patients understand why they are experiencing pain and motivate them to be a part of their own recovery process.  I believe in the importance of activity and I am passionate about working with patients to help them return to an active lifestyle. 

Dedicated to Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation
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