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Dance Physiotherapy

Dance specific injury prevention, injury recovery and optimal return to dance guidelines

Dance Injury Rehabilitation

Nothing is worse than being an injured dancer. We understand the toll that dance injuries take on the mind and body and we want to help you recover as safely and quickly as possible. For many dancers, stopping dance entirely may not be possible when they get injured. We will provide you with alternative options to stay in shape and work with you on a gradual return to dance plan

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Dance is physically and mentally demanding and, if you love it, it is hard to take time off. Whether you are a dance teacher, young studio dancer, pre-professional or professional dance artist, we want to help you stay healthy and injury free throughout a long successful dance career. We know that proper movement patterns, appropriate muscle recruitment and optimal joint stability will allow for many years of injury free dance.


We are passionate about supporting dancers, helping you understand your own body and keeping you healthy!

Pointe Assessments

Are you getting ready to go on pointe for the first time? Let us assess your strength, mobility and alignment to confirm everything is optimal for the transition to pointe shoes.

Healthy Dancer Screening Assessments

Our most popular assessment for dancers to identify individual  weaknesses and asymmetries. This assessment provides the dancer with an individualized home exercise program designed to mitigate any possible factors that  may lead to injury

Dedicated to Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation
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